Sunday, August 9, 2009


My Blog is not as forthcoming as the title may reflect. I am not completely unemployable. In fact, I have two jobs: I am a full time salesman and I drive a bus part time. The purpose of this blog is to document, in its entirety, the challenges of entering the career market. I will gladly hustle at two jobs to earn the pay I surely deserve but I would rather take a pay cut and earn the career that I truly love.

I don’t know the statistics but there are many college students that enter into professions that are not even peripherally related to their majors. Why? Because after career searches fail to produce gainful employment we start job searching. I took the hustle route. Jobs where I can generate money through effort and diligence, not seniority and hours worked. Performance based jobs.

I recently read an article in The New York Daily News about a young woman filling a lawsuit against her alma mater for $70,000. The reason for her lawsuit: she was unable to find adequate work or pay. I find this to be a common problem amongst college graduates, especially in New York where competition is fierce. After completing a job search yesterday it has come to my attention that you need a BA to get a job as a receptionist. Great news for the millions of college grads that have crammed all night and worked two jobs just to pay for books, we have earned the right to get paid $10/ hr.

If you find yourself saying “did I really go to college to do this”, follow along. I’m sure you will find this blog helpful. I will also try to include tips to help you save money, networking opportunities and stories from other college grads. This is your forum so feel free to post comments to this overwhelmingly large community. Email me your questions at

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